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Are you looking for BGM outsource of your games? Please visit our Nomads Music to see if music styles can meet your requirements. The following is music of Fingers Party.

Many people told us they want Fingers Party's music as ringtones, so we did it.

Fingers Party - O.S.T.

  1. Attention ------------------------- Title
  2. Waiting for Challengers ------ Gameplay: Player waiting (selecting color)
  3. Battle Spirits -------------------- Gameplay: All modes excluding couple & memory mode
  4. Sky High ------------------------- Gameplay: Couple mode
  5. Set up!! -------------------------- Gameplay: Memory mode
  6. Finger Surfing ------------------ Game trailer
  7. Battle Spirits - Skip Mix ------- Game trailer

Fingers Party - Unused Music & Remix

  1. No Mercy (Remix)
  2. High Voltage
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